Warren Croce

Take time to look around you. Technology, as beautiful as it can be, leads us in a blind chase of worshiping the new and shiny. I’ve always been fascinated by decay and obsolescence – things that were once new and shiny but over time have morphed. It compels me try and be more mindful of our short time here. As a young boy growing up in the Catskills, nature ruled. Rusted cars enchained by vines and shrubbery, dead animals, dilapidated and long-forgotten houses…these were not hard to find, and I always wondered about their stories, and that now nobody cared and nature was left to do what it does, and it was all still beautiful.

My process of creating a work of art involves scratching, erasing, mark-making, layering, and generally building up a kind of “history” and “decay” in the piece. I want viewers to be compelled to stop for a moment, touch the work, and look closely.


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